Wonder Girls will release new single both in Korea and the United States :: 2012/01/09 17:57

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Wonder Girls will release their new single both in Korea and the United States simultaneously.

Wonder Girls’ agency, JYP Entertainment, said that they will release the new single “The DJ is Mine” on January 12 at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time: January 12 at midnight) both in Korea and the United States.

On January 9, the Wonder Girls released a teaser video for the single on their official website and YouTube channel.

The video is drawing a lot of attention with colorful graphics and powerful music. At the end of the video, the lyrics for the song says, “He is mine.”

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The American girl group School Gyrls, who is featured in the song, is mentioned under the song title and attract more people’s eyes. The group also have appeared on Wonder Girls’ movie The Wonder Girls.

A spokesperson for JYP said, “Top class American musicians helped make the single. We will release a music video for the song on January 11 in Las Vegas for the first time. The video has two versions, 2-D and 3-D.”

“Then the single will be released in 50 countries through iTunes.”

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